Creating practical and engaging
visual resources for
swimming teachers and tutors

Parents working together with the Teachers

SwimPix - aiming to make communication as effective as possible especially for those with communication challenges.  

SwimPix can ensure parents, teachers and pupils are on the same page with expectations

SwimPix minis will support many children learning to swim and reduce anxiety

 How can we help at home

Fun time in the bathroom

You can use the cards to show them what to do

They can have a go

They could then do in the bath with the cards and some equipment

They can also do in the garden in a paddling pool or a bowl of water

Play a game of …

Copy the picture

Act out a card and someone else guess what it is?

Practice streamlining

These can also be achieved at school in the gym

Off to the pool

Working together

Teacher – Share planning with the child and the parent/carreer

Parent – work at home with SwimPIx to support next weeks lesson

At the start of the lesson the teacher can show the cards they are going to do that lesson

Minis available for the Learn to Swim Programme

Minis - Learn to Swim stages 1 - 4 including communication set Click here to find out more about swimPix minis

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Minis available for SEND learners

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